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How to Download Facebook Reels online?

1. Find the Reel Video FB
Find the Reel you want to download on Facebook. Click Share and then click on the Copy Link option.
2. Paste the link
Go to FSave and Paste the copied link into the toolbar. Click on Download and choose a server to process your download.
3. Done!
You can pick a desired video quality for the facebook reel you want to download. FSave provides downloading options up to 4k.

Why do you need a Facebook Reels Video Downloader?

Inspired by Tiktok, Facebook released a new content format called “Facebook Reels” recently. Reels are short-form videos that are desired for engagement & creativity. Since Facebook does not provide an native download feature, we have created FSave to help you easily download facebook reels online.
Our Facebook video downloader is capable of offering multiple quality options when download, completely free and works across multiple devices.
Multiple Quality Options
Save Space. Save Time. Choose your desired quality before using facebook reels download.
All Devices Compatible
With FSave, you can download fb reels on both mobile and desktop devices. Android, iOS supported.
You can download videos from Facebook including high-quality videos (And we don't support Mp3)

Why should you use FSave.Io to download Reels videos?

FSave.Io is one of the leading Facebook video downloaders today to download video Reels. As an expert in the field of video downloading, FSave will bring you the best Reels video quality, fast speed, and best user experience. Supports all devices, both Android and iOS. No need to install any software.


Our Fb Reels downloader helps you download full HD quality at the fastest speed.

2Support all devices

Supports all devices (mobile phone, PC, or tablet) and any operating system (Android, iOS).


FSave save from Reels All free. We only place ads to maintain and further develop the site.

Features of FB Reels Download - FSave

What makes FSave better than other Reels Downloaders out there? We give you 10 benefits to consider.
  • FB Reels download at the highest quality of up to 4k
  • Original audio preserved and synced
  • Free to use, forever
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited downloads without charge
  • NDownloaded reels are saved directly onto your devices, PC or mobile
  • Works with iOS & Android on mobile
  • Fast download speed
  • Does not require sign-up.
  • Does not require additional softwares, extensions.
We are confident that FSave is among the best third-party facebook downloaders online. Try us out and be satisfied.

How to get Facebook Reels video links for download?

This is the first step you must do in order to initiate a facebook reel download request. Follow the steps outlined below to find out how to get the FB reel link

  • Navigate to the Reel you want to save. Click on the Share button and choose Copy Link (now you have the reel video link)
  • Go to FSave and paste the copied link into the toolbar.
  • Click on the Download button. Choose your preferred video quality and save the FB reel.

Download Fb Reels with an Android app

If you are a regular Android user, we have developed an app, called SnapX, to make downloading Reels videos more convenient. You can download SnapX Here
How to use SnapX to download videos Reels:
  • Step 1: Open Facebook Reels
  • Step 2: Click Share video at the video you want to download
  • Step 3: Click Copy Link
  • Step 4: Open the SnapX app and download Reels to your phone.
You can watch videos offline, edit, add captions and share with friends via social platforms.


Why should you use FSave to download facebook reels?

FSave is among the best facebook reels video downloaders in 2023. Our service has been tested for speed, quality, and consistency by millions of users in 2 dozen languages.

Can I download reels from Facebook on iOS devices?

Yes. Do as follow: Open Facebook => Find Reel Video => Copy Link => Open web browser (any browser) => Go to FSave => Import the Copied Link => Download.

Can I download facebook reels video using Android phones?

Yes, the process is very simple and is similar to the process of downloading on iOS devices.

Are downloaded FB Reels illegal?

If you are planning on using downloaded contents for commercial purposes, it would be illegal and you need to ask for permission before using others materials.

Why does it say my download failed?

In most cases, this is due to wrong video link format or faulty connection. Check the link and refresh the page and everything should work.

Does FSave protect my data?

Yes. We do not save any download requests on our server, nor do we ask for your information.

With our instructions, I hope you can easily implement these steps to download all Fb videos. If you find our method useful, you can support us by clicking on an ad or by making a donation.

Do you have any questions to answer?

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