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Why should you use FSave to download Instagram videos?

FSave Insta video downloader has served and satisfied millions of users worldwide. Our best attributes are due to our non-stop effort to improve our product and user experience. Take a look below to learn more about our best offers:
Our Instagram loader helps you to Download IG videos, download Instagram stories or download Instagram photos with the fastest speed.
Support All Devices
The extremely convenient Instagram (IG) loader supports all devices (mobile phones, computers or tablets) and any operating systems (Android, iOS). No need to install software on your device.
Free of charge
FSave.Io allows downloading Instagram for free. We only place ads to maintain and develop the website.

What does an Instagram Video Downloader do exactly?

An IG Video Downloader such as FSave can help you save a tremendous amount looking around to find ways to save and organize the Video you love most. With FSave, you can download instagram Video Fsave on many devices, save them on said devices with the video quality & audio intact.

What are Instagram Video?

Instagram Videos are videos created in a short format (15-30 seconds) that was introduced in 2022 on Instagram - the popular social sharing app from META. IG videos are often fun and creative due to the video length constraint.
Video video format has since been adopted on many other social platforms including Youtube, Facebook….

How to use FSave for Instagram Video Download in 3-steps:

Instagram Story, video, Picture, Reels Download

1Find the IG Video download link:

Open Instagram on phone or desktop. Go to the Video video you want to download.

2Copy down the link

Select the Sharing symbol at the bottom right corner. Select Copy Link.

3Go to FSave:

Access FSave using your browser. Paste the copied link into the textfield and start your Video video download.


What is an IG Video Downloader?

FSave downloader helps users download IG Video video for free, with no limit. Even if you do not have account, our tool can assist you as long as you have the URL of the video.

Is instagram video download legal?

Yes. You can download ig videos but do not use them for any purpose unless you have asked for permission from the creators.

Is FSave free to use?

FSave is committed to being free and unlimited forever. You only need to watch a short ad (or skip it) before downloading the Video.

How to download instagram videos on Android?

It is very simple, go to FSave.Io -> Import Instagram Video Link -> And Click Download .

How to download IG videos on iPhone (iOS)?

Open Instagram App -> Select photo-> Choose browser -> Access FSave.Io -> Import IG picture Link -> And Click Download.

How can I download Story , Reels , and IGTV videos?

Fsave saves videos from Instagram using its own technology. Features that Instagram does not support you.

Do I need an account to save IG Video ?

No. With FSave advanced technology, you no longer need to have an account to download Video videos from IG.

Is it safe to use FSave?

Of course! We do not keep your data or download histories. Read our Privacy Terms in full here.

Do you require an extension for downloading Video?

No. We do not ask you to install a browser extension or any software to use FSave. Simply pop on and start.

Do you have any questions to answer?

Please contact us here. We will reply to you as quickly as possible.